Good morning everyone,

Remember that our final is at a different time than our normal meeting time. 
The final is today 12:45-2:45.
Be prepared to give your five minute persuasive speech. Make sure to bring a jacket or something because we may be outside and it may be a little cold outside. 
I would like to remind everyone that I have given you more time to rehearse your speech and I have cut the time of your speech to 5 minutes. That is a hard deadline as we will have to move very quickly through the speeches. Remember that you need to bring a new outline if I handed your outline back to you on Tuesday. If you are late tomorrow or absent, then you run the risk of not being able to give your speech at all. 

Make sure to have a PAPER copy of your outline tomorrow. Email me your power points ahead of time or bring them on a flash drive. You DO NOT have to have a power point for your persuasive speech tomorrow. You DO need to turn in a 5 slide power point for the informative speech you have already done. You can bring it on a flash drive or a email it as well. Remember, you need to speak for at least 7 minutes and less than 8. Clearly, to meet this time requirement, you need to have practiced your speech. Make sure to clearly cite sources in your speech. 
Here is a Know Your Rights manual. And HERE is the link to versions in different languages.
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This post is for Jared's MW 12:00 debate class. 

Here is a website about fallacies:
In the picture below, a person 
has folded their paper into sections 
as part of "preflowing." 
A lot of good debate notes look like the example below. 
Notice the concise and well organized the writing.  
Finally, here is a summary of the four point refutation model that I took from a website. Let me know if you need anything or have any questions. 

4-Point Refutation is the organization that should be used when ideally refuting an argument. While 4-Point Refutation is not required and is very difficult to use consistantly, it is extremely help to both practice and employ. Any experienced debater should try to apply these ideas to all of their rounds. The four points are as follows.

Point 1: Identify
Point 2: Counter Claim
Point 3: Support
Point 4: Impact

1. Identifying
-Short Tag lines (2-5 words): Allow the judge to quickly understand the argument and also flow it quickly and easily. The easier your arguments are to flow, the more likely the judge is to not forget them.
-Locating the argument (where/against what?): By telling the judge which argument you are addressing and also telling them what you are arguing against, you make sure that the judge knows what you are talking about.
-Linked examples: If there are any examples related to the arguments, it is helpful to point them out to the judge. Firstly, because it might help them find the argument on their flow, but secondly, because it ensures that the judge knows that the argument was refuted along with the argument it was related to.

2. Counter Claim
-This is where you essentially tell the judge why the argument is wrong
-We will look aspect of refutation in detail later in the year

3. Support
-Logic: The ultimate way to support a point. You must always be able to tell the judge why your point is true.
-Quotes: Using quotes shows that your position is also supported by others who are experts on the topic at hand. Quotations are helpful, but by no means required.
-Examples: Being able to provide examples of the arguments allow your audience to clearly see how argument looks, and also reminds them that the argument has an Impact

4. Impact
-Why does this point matter?
-What effect does this have on the real world?
-How does this argument affect your value?
Communication 301 Midterm – A paper copy of this assignment is due in class Thursday March 21st and will not be accepted later, or in any other form.

There are two parts to this midterm, a one-paragraph self-reflection and a 22-question test that YOU are to create.

(Part 1) Write a paragraph starting with this sentence:

If I had the chance to redo my dramatic speech again I would…

(Part 2) You are to construct a test consisting of 25 questions. *The test must be based on a range of material from your assigned book chapters. You must include 10 true-false, 10 multiple choice, and 2 short essay questions and instructions for each part of your test. After writing the test, provide the answers for your questions on a separate sheet(s) of paper with a reference to a page number(s) for the answer to each question.

*Assigned Chapters: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,17,18,19, the chapters vary just a little bit depending on the book you have but you do not need to include questions from a chapter about Managing Speech Anxiety.

Please remember that I do not accept late assignments. A good amount of you have turned in assignments late and you do not get credit for late assignments. If you miss this speech you  MAY NOT be able to give your speech at another time. If you miss a speech then you will need to complete extra credit to make up the points or take a loss.  This is what the syllabus says:

Late Assignments: Assignments are due at the beginning of the class period and will not be accepted thereafter. If you are scheduled to give a speech on a given class day and you miss class, YOU MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO MAKE IT UP. You may make-up only ONE speech. I offer only one class hour at the end of the semester for make-up speeches. I will only be able to accommodate a maximum of ten total make-up speeches on make up day, so plan carefully. Speeches presented on make up day are penalized 30%.  

It is important to know that a lot of this assignment is about being here and seeing your classmates and having an experience that I will not be able to replicate. 

Here are some last minutes tips about what not to do in a speech:
There is a problem with form number 1 for assignment number 3 so I deleted it. I have not received one. Please use form number 2. If for some reason you can not use form number 2 you can bring a HARD COPY to class. 

Seriously, only if you CAN NOT use form number 2.