Good morning everyone,

Remember that our final is at a different time than our normal meeting time. 
The final is today 12:45-2:45.
Be prepared to give your five minute persuasive speech. Make sure to bring a jacket or something because we may be outside and it may be a little cold outside. 
I would like to remind everyone that I have given you more time to rehearse your speech and I have cut the time of your speech to 5 minutes. That is a hard deadline as we will have to move very quickly through the speeches. Remember that you need to bring a new outline if I handed your outline back to you on Tuesday. If you are late tomorrow or absent, then you run the risk of not being able to give your speech at all. 

Make sure to have a PAPER copy of your outline tomorrow. Email me your power points ahead of time or bring them on a flash drive. You DO NOT have to have a power point for your persuasive speech tomorrow. You DO need to turn in a 5 slide power point for the informative speech you have already done. You can bring it on a flash drive or a email it as well. Remember, you need to speak for at least 7 minutes and less than 8. Clearly, to meet this time requirement, you need to have practiced your speech. Make sure to clearly cite sources in your speech.