"A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking" contains a lot of important information about the next speech and the stuff I will be talking about in the next few lectures. Section "24" or pages 189-219 covers Persuasive speaking.

In the "Craft of Research," chapters 7,8, and 9 cover similar information.
Here are some important concepts to understand:

Claims - Evidence - Warrant

Reasoning - deductive/inductive, analogy, causal

Below is the Toulmin Model and this is a classic.
Above is the website and poster about logical fallacies that I showed you in class. Below is a picture of some statistics that I am sure we will discuss.
Andrea Williams
11/26/2013 02:08:17 am

9:00am class tuesday thursday, I have missed the last couple classes. Can someone let me know if we have assignments or any other important information. Please let me know.

Thanks guys!

Kathy Yang
11/26/2013 07:24:54 am

We've been discussing topics & information to get us started on our Persuasive Speeches. There isn't much due in assignment wise besides your own research and work on your speech. Some of the things we went over in class is what has been posted here. We also have a reading assignment from the pocket guide that'll help with the persuasive speech it's pages 189-219.

Andrea Williams
11/27/2013 01:49:16 pm

Thank you so much!!!!

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