"A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking" contains a lot of important information about the next speech and the stuff I will be talking about in the next few lectures. Section "24" or pages 189-219 covers Persuasive speaking.

In the "Craft of Research," chapters 7,8, and 9 cover similar information.
Here are some important concepts to understand:

Claims - Evidence - Warrant

Reasoning - deductive/inductive, analogy, causal

Below is the Toulmin Model and this is a classic.
Above is the website and poster about logical fallacies that I showed you in class. Below is a picture of some statistics that I am sure we will discuss.
Hello PM class,

Make sure to bring a paper copy of your bibliography tomorrow.

Here is a link with an example of MLA format:

You can also use APA format (which I prefer but you are welcome to use either format). Here are some APA examples of how to list books as references and there are a lot of other examples on the left hand side:

Please remember to bring a paper copy of your outline that you will turn into me. Your outline should have a reference page at the end. You will not be able to read from your outline or a paper during your speech so you need to have note cards if you do not feel that you can give your presentation without notes. Be prepared to speaking for 7 minutes. Here are some tips from some kids:
The tournament taking place on our campus today runs from 12-8:30. The first round starts at 12 so you need to be early to find a round of speeches to watch. I need volunteers anytime between 11am-8:30 and you can meet me or the team near our classroom and room PAC134. If you watch three rounds of speeches and write a one paged doubled space paper I'll give you 5% extra credit. HERE is a document that describes each event.