Hello Class,

We have made it to the end of the first week! We are still working out some administrative issues like adding, but those issues should be worked out next week. Here is a quick review of we have done thus far:
Day 1: We covered the basics of a first day in any class. We went over the syllabus and discussed various issues like prerequisites, the class website, assignments, speeches, etc. We also had everyone give a short speech in front of class. Finally, we watched a short clip of MLK's last speech and had a discussion about the content and context of that speech. I asked questions like what happened the day after this speech? Where did this speech take place? Why was MLK in Memphis, Tennessee?
Moreover, we discussed public speaking in terms of an evolutionary process that marks an important step in the development of human civilization and democratic ideals. 
        ASAP Rocky's video Purple Swag provided us with a jumping off point for a discussion of theory and the appropriate use of certain words. We watched and discussed another video featuring a news report where a teacher used the "N-word" when dealing with one of his minor students. This discussion allowed us to begin discussing public speaking using theoretical terms. The basic communication model we used is called The  Sender/Receiver Model of Communication or the transmission model of communication 

  S -------> R 
Day 2: The most important thing we went over in class is the "Me, Myself, & I" speech, which is due Tuesday. You are to bring three items that represent your past, present and future. You are to speak for no less than 3 minutes (1 minute for each item) and not more then 4 minutes. These are "easy" speeches and you should not be worried about a grade. You will get a minimum of a B for speaking at least 3 minutes and bringing 3 items. 
          We also started to get to some of the most important ideas in this class. We discussed the difference between Ideas and Ideals when we spoke about Che Guevara and the lengths he was willing to go through to fight for his ideals and values.