As I explained before, I would like you to answer three questions in the yahoo answers website. You can pick any topic that you are familiar with and answer questions about them. Please share your answers, if you are comfortable doing that and tell us about your experiences. Did anyone have their answer chosen as the "top pick?" How did you feel when you were waiting? Did it take along time? Does anybody use this website regularly? 

After you have participated in this process a little bit, I want you to think about things like:
What does it take to trust someone's information?
What if your answer was wrong?
Does it matter that the information is on the internet?
Does it matter that no one has to know who you are?

Posting answers or commenting is NOT required. But please feel free to comment and post.

10/4/2012 02:29:45 pm

Oops, I posted my first answer on the wrong place. Giving them my answer wasn't hard, but I am not sure if my answer was a good answer...

10/4/2012 02:38:38 pm

I know I am good at math. :)

10/4/2012 03:12:15 pm

I see many people are doing their homework through this website...

10/16/2012 07:56:49 am

There are tons of people trying have you do their homework!

10/16/2012 07:57:57 am

Well, how is it going class? I am going to ask about your answers in a daily activity!


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