This Saturday is our last class and your final. Here is some information for you:

For class on Saturday - I have decided that you do not need to complete an assignment before class. 

As for the final on Saturday - You need to review and practice your persuasive speeches and specifically review the sources for that speech. If you have weak sources, like a bunch of dot coms, then get better sources. Likewise, if you only have one or two sources, then get more. Find better quality sources!  You should also review your book. Look at general issues about speaking and read everything that you can about speaking on special occasions.

Extra credit: I have offered you extra credit. It is worth 5% of your total grade. For the 1 page option you need to contact me about the live event you want to watch. For the 2 and a half to 3 page option: you need to find a speech (an actual speech) of ten minutes or more online or in the library and critique it, examine or make some sort of analysis and argument about it. Your options are pretty open for this assignment, however, I need a link or some way to find the speech you are examining and I expect your paper to have the kind of organization that we have discussed in class. Papers are due by 11pm on Saturday the 12th, you can email them but I would prefer that you brought it to class on Saturday

Feedback from speeches on Saturday: Your speeches on Saturday were good. In general, I wanted to see better calls to action. In other words, I wanted to see better plans and steps that we as the audience could take to do something about the problems that you presented. Some of you presented too many options and should have picked one call to action to get behind. Try not to speak about what you would have spoke about or what you were thinking about doing and try to be more serious overall. A large part of speaking in public is getting people to feel that you are an important and credible person to listen to; you have to make the audience believe what you are saying more. 

Make up speeches: If you need to make up a speech, you need to that BEFORE class on Saturday. I am available on Thursday between 2:30-5. I may be available at other times but YOU need to email me. 
Saturday is a big day! Your persuasive speech needs to be 7-10 minutes. An outline is required to give a speech - your outline needs to be printed on paper. Please be in class and ready to give your speech by 9 am, we will be on a very tight schedule and everyone needs to be on time.

Please utilize the resources on this website. Consider these issues when constructing and developing your speech - if there are major issues with any one area, then the class will have an assignment about it before the final:

Review the outline requirements again and make sure to spend time putting your outline together. 

Remember to have a clear thesis, preview, review and signpost during your speech. 

Visit the library and use better sources for your speeches - pick something better than random dot coms and newspapers (newspapers are good, but use a variety of sources). Have a variety of sources, do not rely on only one source. You need to have a variety of quality sources.

Use your time wisely. Balance your time well and make sure to spend adequate time on each of the points in your speech. 

Visual Aids - Paper or poster aids need to be neat, orderly and well prepared. Do not let visual aids distract from your speech by falling, making noise, being seen when you are not speaking about that particular visual aid. Make sure your power points are sent to me ahead of time or you arrive early to load it on the computer. Power points should have no more than 25 words and you should have no more than 1 slide a minute.

Use note cards effectively. Note cards will harm your speech if you have too much information on them or if you spend too much time reading and fumbling through your note cards then your audience may lose interest. Use notecards to remember your outline and specific names, dates, and quotations that you plan to use in your speech.

This is a speech about advocacy and you should be advocating!

Here is the logical fallacy website:

Remember if you have any questions please email me or comment on one of the blog posts.