Do you have any last minute questions?  Do you need some help? You can comment here or email me as usual. 
11/09/2012 6:29pm

I don't think I'm ready yet, still haven't practiced speech...I will be in the morning. Keeping the faith.

Prince White
11/09/2012 6:54pm

It feels like that sometimes. But you will feel the timeline looming and that will help you get everything together. Make sure you rely on your structure and your sources.

11/09/2012 8:39pm

I have to agree with rebecca, Im not quite ready yet Have been extremely sick in and out the hospital and just got off work trying to gather all my information together for tomorrow, I hope Im not the only one.

11/09/2012 9:46pm

OMG I am glad I am not the only one. I have been so busy this week, my roommates mom has been in the hospital all week awaiting brain surgery that is why I was not in class last week.


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