Here are some sample speeches. These are various types of speeches, but you should keep in mind that your most pressing goal is to create an informative speech by November 10th. 
This "after dinner speech" or "speech to entertain" we watched in class. There are some important lessons we learned from this video about how to give a speech, structure and what is and what is not an informative speech.
Tell me what is good and bad about this "Wedding Crashing" speech. What are his references? 

Try not to tear up!
This comment from youtube makes a good point and gives context:
It seems that many people seem to have the wrong idea of this video, so before you comment, please understand: This is not Hitler. This is Charlie Chaplin. The clips of the video above that show a man who resembles Hitler are from a film called The Great Dictator, in which Chaplin plays a character who, through a series of circumstances, was mistaken for a dictator based on Hitler. When asked to give a speech as the new ruler, being a good man, he instead gave the speech you are hearing now.

11/3/2012 01:04:54 am

Thank you for sharing this. What a great way of delivering a speech, I am going to have to go find a clip of Charlie Chaplin so I can see his body language through the entire speech... Who would have thought you could take Charlie Chaplin so seriously?

11/9/2012 03:06:26 pm

Absolutely magnificent. It is a necessity for these words to ring from every corner of our nation. We as a nation have given in to fear to the point that we forfeit our rights. Government feeds on fear like a parasite. The more the nation is afraid, the more they can get away with unchecked, unchallenged.
Bush Administration: water boarding, wire tapping, Iraq
...loved the video and will be sharing it on facebook.


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