Today in class we talked about cultural analysis as a form of audience analysis. I explained Tricia Rose's analysis of hip hop culture and how she tells us that there are three main aspects behind any expression of hip hop culture that make it hip hop: Flow, layering and rupture. 

We looked at two videos to get deeper into the meaning of layering and intertextuality. Tallib Kweli's Four Women and Nina Simone's Four Women (you can see those below). We also saw how people used this song and the concepts in movies and other works or art.

We also talked about what the essence of culture is (at least in this one theory of culture): assumptions, values and artifacts. This theory (explanation and understanding) about culture comes from the Onion model of organizational culture. We looked at different cultures and examined how an audience of different cultures may have different assumptions, values and artifacts in a number of respects that inform how the audience perceives us and our messages; as well as how we see them and how we tailor our messages to them.
10/4/2012 02:14:17 pm

This is much harder than what I thought. I don't know how to give people a good answer.


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