On Saturday most of you, 18 of 25, gave informative speeches. You did rather well. You learned as much from listening to speeches as you did from giving them. 

Let's consider the fact that our semester is ending rather soon, and we only have 4 more class meetings left over the next 5 weeks (no class Thanksgiving week).

Over these next 5 weeks you have two major goals: (1) a persuasive speech and (2) a final. Your final, which I have yet to talk about, will be an in class intramural on the day of the final. An intramural is a friendly competiton. You will give your persuasive speech twice and if you make it to the third and final round, you will give it a third time. Everyone will watch the final and I will give out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place position. You can use your informative for the final, but you need to increase the time and you should know that persuasive speeches are natural more competitive speeches. I will talk a lot more about this later, but you should know about this now to motivate you to get your speech done now!

Your persuasive speech is going to be exciting and this is where everything we have learned will come together. I am excited to teach you more about persuasive speaking, I say more because I have have been teaching you about persuasive speaking whether you are aware of it or not. Persuasive speaking is an art and a science. In the next post I will outline the requirements for your persuasive speech, we will review some things we have learned about persuasive speaking, and finally we will discuss what you need to do to have a speech that you will be proud of on speech day.

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