Please remember that your dramatic speech is tomorrow! Do not be late, being late is similar to not having a speech at all and your grade will reflect that. Bring a paper copy of what you are reading to turn in to me. If it is in book than photocopy, take pictures and print them out or write it out by hand (which is a great memorization tool).

Remember to practice and confirm to the time limit. Conforming to the time limit and having your speech on the deadline are the two most important goals in the speech.

Good luck you all. Remember you comment and ask questions or email me.

After this first reading assignment, a typical reading assignment will simply have a list of readings without any additional work needing to be completed. For this first reading assignment, though, I would like you write one paragraph. In The Craft of Research  read ALL of chapter 2 (Connecting with your Reader) and for A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking read pages 36-46 (Analyzing the Audience), and then write your one paragraph (no more than 4 sentences please) about how writing and speaking are different or similar. Tell me your opinion and demonstrate that you read the books. This assignment is due at the beginning of class Thursday September 12th. Please turn in a paper copy that is double spaced with 12 point, times new roman font. I will not except emailed assignments.

Please remember to be ready for your Me, Myself & I speech on Tuesday September 3rd!

    Fill out form, copy and paste an "objective," explain why it is important. DUE ASAP